Explanation of Career Development Program Officer in Banking World

Having an Officer Development Program (ODP) will be very helpful for those of you who dream of banking. Requirements for the level of education to take part are at least a bachelor’s degree (S1). The purpose of holding ODP is so that prospective banking employees have the skills needed as other employees. The following is an explanation of ODP training.

Officer Development Program Is…

ODP is defined as training for new graduate graduates to gain work experience, especially in positions in the banking world such as managers, supervisors, or heads of certain fields. The difference between this training and Field Work Practices and the like is the amount of time required.

ODP is taken quite a long time between 1 to 2 full years. Maybe even more. Even though they are looking for experience or learning status, ODP training participants in the banking world will still be paid a salary. The goal is the same as in an organization, to find new management in a member meeting (re-organization), the difference is in the real world of work.

In simple terms, the Officer Development Program is training for prospective new employees in banking to learn how to manage positions that are specific to themselves within a certain period with certain terms and conditions. If you are interested, we provide the latest ODP success tips.

4 Latest ODP Success Steps

Explanation of Career Development Program Officer in Banking World
Explanation of Career Development Program Officer by Pixabay

Working in the world of banking is the dream of some people, and perhaps yours. Apart from being seen as a prosperous salary, the appearance of banking employees is neat and clean. One way to achieve this goal is through ODP training. Here are 4 steps to successful ODP.

1. Get to know the ins and outs of the bank you are applying for.

Know in detail what position you want, the conditions for occupying the position, as well as other small but important details such as prohibitions or unnecessary actions.

2. Write an interesting application CV.

Don’t forget to try to convince the reader of your abilities. That is, by fulfilling your abilities perfectly, try to have qualified academic skills, high English, and national to international class certificates if you have them.

3. Submit your CV at the existing job fair as proof of the sincerity of your wishes.

Look for other registration-related information, then give it a try. The advantage of coming to the job fair is the possibility of getting another alternative if rejected at the bank you have chosen in the first step.

4. Take the written test and interview test carefully.

Complete the preparation carefully, focus, and don’t arrive late. Fulfill other data or files that may be needed such as psychological test results, medical tests, and so on.

This is the explanation from ODP, which is often asked by many people. The path to achieving the dream of serving in a position in the banking world is getting easier and clearer. Good preparation is very important, the Officer Development Program training will hopefully lead you to the ladder of success.

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