Habitable Planets in Space as Earth’s Brothers

The earth has brothers in outer space, where it is estimated habitable planets for humans. Astronomers succeeded in identifying these planets through the Kepler mission which operated in 2009 and 2018. At least, this mission has observed 2,681 exoplanets. Some of them are thought to be planets capable of supporting life.

Earth’s Twin on the Other Side of Space

Habitable Planets in Space as Earth's Brothers
Habitable Planets in Space as Earth’s Brothers by Julio Perez

One of the planets that attracts attention is a planet nicknamed Kepler-1649c. This planet appears to be Earth’s twin in temperature and size, which gets as much as 75 percent of the light when compared to Earth and is 1.06 times larger. Thus, scientists concluded that the planet Kepler-1649c may have an earth-like surface.

However, because it is 300 light years away, it is not known about the composition of the atmosphere with accuracy. However, scientists believe the planet Kepler-1649c has the potential to become one of the habitable planets in outer space. In addition, this planet also has the privilege of interacting with neighboring planets, you know.

Habitable Potential Also Found on Other Planets

Scientists release various journals about planets that have the potential to be inhabited by humans. Not just one, but more than dozens of planets have been discovered for decades. For example, the planet Gliese 667 Cc, the planet Mars, the planet Kepler-186f, the planet Kepler-62f, the planet Kepler-1229b, the planet Wolf 1061c, the planet Kepler-452b, the planet Kepler-442b, the planet Proxima Centauri b, and others.

The reason a planet is considered to have the potential for life

Earth-like planets are considered to have the potential for life. Various factors make planets similar, namely atmospheric conditions, size, movement, texture, and so on. In addition, planets orbiting like in the solar system are also considered habitable planets for humans.

This estimate is obtained from the positions of the planets, which are considered unaffected by gravitational disturbances with too great a force. As a result, the planet has a peaceful zone so it is said to be a habitable place. However, this requires further scrutiny and research to confirm the truth.

Various Technologies Developed to Find the Truth

Well, scientists also continue to develop technology to find the truth about livable planets. One of them is through a mission satellite launched by NASA, namely the James Webb Space Telescope which is planned to be launched in 2021. The aim is to identify whether a planet has an atmosphere and what its composition is.

So, various planets that are estimated to be habitable in outer space require in-depth follow-up research. Until now, the only planet that has the greatest possibility of human habitation is Mars. Scientists are constantly trying to make this planet habitable because Mars is said to resemble Earth as a habitable planet in several aspects.

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