Look Cool and Elegant with These Wooden Watches

Watches are unforgettable fashion items in order to support the appearance of most people, both men, and women. Apart from having a practical function as a timepiece, a watch also has an aesthetic function as an accessory in various formal and non-formal activities.

Watches are generally made of rubber, plastic, metal, or other common materials. However, the presence of a watch made of wood will certainly provide a quite different and unique variation on the watch.

Most wooden watch models are round and square in shape. The combination of shapes and wood is quite harmonious and gives off an elegant and classic impression. If you want to look cool and elegant, then a wooden watch can be an option to support your appearance.

Advantages of Wooden Watches

The production of wooden watches is not that much, but enthusiasts of these wooden watches have penetrated foreign markets. There are many advantages possessed by wooden watches so this watch is very worthy for you to make as your personal collection.

First, with the basic ingredients of wood waste from furniture factories, of course, wooden watches are very eco-friendly (environmentally friendly). The production process and its design are certainly very concerned about the environmental sector. The production process also does not use a mixture of chemicals, so safety is guaranteed.

Second watches made of wood can be used as a support for appearances that are suitable in various conditions, both formal and non-formal. When compared to metal watches and rubber watches, wooden watches are more flexible in various activities. Metal watches are generally more suitable when worn for formal activities, while rubber watches are generally suitable to be worn to support your casual appearance.

Third, the unique and elegant impression given by a wooden watch will certainly give a different impression of your appearance and can reflect the character of the wearer. With a minimalist design, making wooden watches are suitable when combined with your various dress styles.

In formal activities, you can combine the neutral color of a wooden watch with a suit which will certainly make your appearance more exclusive and maximal.

If you want to appear semi-formal, then you can combine a wooden watch with a shirt made of jeans or a cotton shirt of all colors combined with jeans and boots.

Furthermore, to give a relaxed impression to your appearance, you can combine wooden watches with t-shirts and jeans which will certainly make your appearance more casual and less boring. And of course, you will be the center of attention and can inspire other people’s style of appearance.

Quality of Materials Used in Wooden Watches

Many considerations are used in the selection of wood materials to be used in the manufacture of wooden watches. The quality, color, and pattern of the wood material must be considered. So, not just any wood can be processed into watches.

Several types of wood do have almost the same quality of strength, but each type of wood has different patterns and colors which will certainly affect the appearance of the wooden watches that are produced. Then, what types of wood are often used in making wooden watches?

Some types of wood that are often used in the manufacture of wooden watches are maple, rosewood, ebony, coconut wood, and stabilized wood. For those of you who like white or cream, then maple wood can be used as the right choice.

Meanwhile, those who like dark colors can use rosewood, coconut wood, and ebony types. We can indeed find this type of ebony in countries like Indonesia, but the price is still quite expensive because, in terms of motifs and quality, ebony wood is quite good and a bit rare. And we can easily find snorkeling types in several areas on the island of Java.

Wide Selection of Wooden Watches

The quality and goodness of wooden watches have indeed been tested. In addition, you can bring out the most unique natural side. Because wooden watches are genuine, they will always have different motifs from one another. See how to care for a wooden watch at the very end.

1. Matoa Way Kambas

Matoa Way Kambas is a product from the Matoa brand which is quite limited. With the basic ingredients of Makassar ebony and maple wood originating from Canada, of course, it will provide a very attractive and high-quality pattern.

There are 2 color choices provided to be your best choice. On the other hand, the Matoa Way Kambas watch is also equipped with a feature variant of seconds which will make it easier for you to see the time. What’s more, Matoa Way Kambas has now been sold to foreign countries such as Japan, Malaysia, and Europe.

Look Cool and Elegant with These Wooden Watches
Wooden Watches Matoa Way Kambas, img by pinkoi.com

2. Woodka Loca Jati

As the name implies, the Woodka Loca Jati watch is made by combining teak wood and genuine cowhide. Equipped with 6 holes on the leather strap, you can easily adjust it to your wrist while wearing the watch.

Woodka Loca Jati has a diameter of 42 mm with a numeral index that can show minutes and hours accurately. In addition, its water resistance up to a depth of 30 meters can be used as a consideration why Woodka Loca Jati should be included in your collection.

3. Bewell ZS-W038A

If you’re looking for a unique yet affordable watch, the Bewell ZS-W038A is the right choice. Equipped with the glow-in-the-dark feature, it further adds to the uniqueness of the Bewell ZS-W038A. If you put it in a dark place, the needles will glow. Interesting right?

With a soft sandalwood-scented wood base, it will certainly give a more relaxed and calm impression when the watch is worn. In addition, the Bewell ZS-W038A is also equipped with a battery that can last up to 3 years.

4. Bobo Bird WN20

For those of you who want to wear a watch that matches your partner, the Bobo Bird WN20 can be one of your best choices. Equipped with deer carvings in it, it adds to the charm of the Bobo Bird WN20.

The Bobo Bird WN20 watch is highly recommended for use by couples because it has a different diameter and strap width, namely a diameter of 45 mm for men and 39 mm for women with a strap width of 22.5 mm for men and 20 mm for women.

5. SAGE Wooden Watch

SAGE Wooden Watch is made with the main material of Rosewood wood with a minimalist concept. If you want to get a special impression, you can add hand carvings to wooden watches. When purchasing a SAGE Wooden Watch, you will receive a wooden storage box so that your watch can be stored properly and safely.

6. Lancelot Aegis of Java

Made with Maple wood, Lancelot Aegis of Java is able to give the impression of a soft cream color and unique wood grain. Lancelot Aegis of Java is specially designed for women with a thickness of 7 mm. With an alloy of gold accents on the hands, logo, and frame, it further adds to the luxurious and elegant impression of the watch.

How to Take Care of Wooden Watches

In order for your favorite wooden watch to remain durable and beautiful, you need to pay attention to the maintenance of wooden watches during use. There are several aspects that need attention in maintaining the beauty of your wooden watch, including how to wear a wooden watch, how to clean it, and how to keep the wooden watch moist. Here’s the full description.

1. How to wear a wooden watch

One of the things you need to pay attention to if you want to wear a wooden watch to support your appearance is the match between the length of the wooden watch chain and the size of your hand. If your wooden watch chain is too short, it will break easily. Vice versa, if your wooden watch chain is too loose, it will easily hit the wooden chain.

In use, do not use wooden watches in the sun for too long. Because it will cause the wood to emit green pigment. To fix this, you can store wooden watches in a dark place for 7 to 15 days, so that the original color of the wood can return to its original state. In addition, intense sunlight can also cause cracks in the wood.

2. How to clean a wooden watch

It’s fairly easy to clean wooden watches. You only need to clean it often enough by using a rag or brushing gently on the sidelines of the wooden watch to remove dirt that sticks to your wooden watch.

You can also use a wood cleaner and baby oil to care for your favorite wooden watch. However, what needs to be considered is not to clean wooden watches with chemicals, especially with materials that contain acids. Because the corrosive nature of the acid can damage the natural color of the wood.

3. How to keep wooden watches moist

This type of watch is made of wood and must be worn frequently. This is because the natural oils secreted by the hands of those who wear wooden watches can help keep wooden watches moist. But what should you do to keep a wooden watch moist if you rarely wear it?

The thing that can be done to keep wooden watches moist is to apply oils from several natural ingredients such as almonds, minerals, walnut, coconut, and others. You can apply the oil using a cotton bud or tissue evenly on the wood surface, then let stand for some time until the oil is absorbed.

Those are some of the uniqueness and attractiveness of watches made from wooden cases. Take a look at the recommendations for wooden watches to get an idea of your ideal watch. Wooden clocks do need special treatment, but it’s worth the unique impression it offers.

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