Mechanical Watches, Is It Right for You?

Is a mechanical watch right for you? Maybe this question has crossed your mind and made you confused. Because mechanical watches do offer a classic feel that always attracts people’s attention. Aside from being a timepiece, this watch can also be a classy accessory.

Before answering the question of whether a mechanical watch is right for you, you should at least know the various characteristics of this watch. You also have to understand the advantages and disadvantages you have. Also, you should know what makes a mechanical watch different from a quartz watch and a kinetic watch.

Mechanical watches are also known as automatic watches. The energy source of mechanical watches makes them different from quartz and kinetic watches. In the market, various variations of mechanical watch models have been provided which are designed classic and stylish, making them suitable for various styles of the wearer’s daily life.

In terms of design, a mechanical watch will probably suit you. However, you still need to consider a few other things before deciding whether to buy this watch. The following will explain the various characteristics of mechanical watches that you should know. Then decide if this watch is right for you.

Power Source Without Electricity

Mechanical Watches, Is It Right for You
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Mechanical watches successfully adopted the technology of moving hands without electricity. Its power source comes from a spring coil which is commonly called the mainspring. Through the winding process, the tight mainspring loosens to provide the required power. Then the internal gear will move and automatically move the clock hands.

So, you don’t need to bother changing batteries like quartz watches that are running around the market. Apart from that, mechanical watches will spoil the wearer with the various models offered by the manufacturers. This is because there are various well-known brands of watches with mechanical principles, namely Montblanc, Rolex, and Seiko.

Having Three Types of Machines

In general, mechanical watches have three different types of machines, namely manual winding movement, automatic winding, and a mixture of both. The most striking difference between manual and automatic is how to fill the energy source to work. Now, do you want to know how it works?

a. Manual Wind Movement

The manual winding movement machine works by means of a crown which is rotated periodically to tighten the mainspring on the machine. You have to manually turn this crown until the crown can no longer be turned. On a mechanical watch, the crown is not only a tool for winding, but also for setting the time.

b. Automatic Winding

From the word automatic, you might guess that this watch uses more modern technology. Yep, you’re right. The power will be charged automatically without having to turn the crown manually, but by shaking the watch to rotate the rotor. The automatic winding machine has a rotor that will make the mainspring tight.

c. Mixed (Manual Winding Movement and Automatic Winding)

Movements adopting this kind of mixed technology have both a rotor and a crown in a watch. The rotor rotates when the watch is shaken and the crown can still be turned to tighten the mainspring again. This mechanical watch is highly recommended as it offers two distinct machine nuances.

Periodic Winding According to Power Reserve Ability

You certainly know the power source of a mechanical watch from the coil spring, which is called the mainspring. The principle is that a loose mainspring releases energy to keep the clock hands moving. Therefore, it is necessary to tighten it periodically. This tightening process is called wind. While the power reserve is the mainspring’s ability to store mechanical energy.

In one winding, a mechanical watch can last from 30 hours to 10 days, depending on the mainspring’s ability to store energy. If you want a mechanical watch to continue to function, you must wind it periodically. Of course, this is different from a quartz watch, which continues to run until the battery runs out.

Especially for watches that adopt a manual winding movement, you have to turn the crown until it can no longer be rotated. This indicates that the winding process that you have carried out has been maximized and that the power of your watch is full, although some are equipped with a power reserve indicator. So, don’t forget to wind.

So what about lazy people? Don’t worry, because there are mechanical watches with automatic winding machines. You only need to shake the watch and the rotor rotates to move the hands. If you want to feel the sensation of both, then you should consider a mechanical watch that adopts mixed technology.

Priced at Exorbitant Prices

Cost production of mechanical watches is generally more expensive than electronic watches. This is because mechanical watches have many mini components and require high precision in the process of assembling the machine. Therefore, it is only natural that mechanical watches are priced at exorbitant prices.

The accuracy of mechanical watches also has added value. Especially if the watch is equipped with smartwatch features, either in the form of a chronograph, GMT, stopwatch, or other advanced features. Of course, you have to reach into the contents of the bag much deeper.

In general, mechanical watches made in Japan are much cheaper than Swiss mechanical watches. These watches are priced from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of rupiah. But don’t ever think that a watch that is priced cheap means that it always has poor quality.

The Beauty of The Machine That Is Worth Showing Off

The only watches that have an aesthetic movement are mechanical watches. No wonder many manufacturers offer a transparent dial feature on their mechanical watches. That way, you can admire the engine components. This is also a way to appreciate the expertise of watchmakers.

Mechanical watch specs are often accompanied by the number of jewels installed. Jewels are pegs that function as a counterweight to dozens of machines. This component is also used as a decoration which is usually made of ruby. Wouldn’t you be more interested if the machine components looked colorful?

Inner beauty seems suitable to be pinned on a mechanical watch. Not only through the classic external appearance, but also through the internal appearance, which is a machine component that is second to none. It’s not wrong if mechanical watches tend to be suitable for those of you who have a high taste.

Hi-Beat and Low-Beat Watches

The terms high beat and low beat relate to the accuracy of mechanical watches. Hi-beat watches have a high level of accuracy. This is because the hi-beat model has at least 28,000 beats every hour. Meanwhile, low-beat models tend to be less accurate because they only have 18,000-21,600 beats per hour.

Maybe after reading his beat, you tend to gravitate toward this model. However, you should know the weakness of hi-beat watches which will break quickly if worn continuously. This is because the high speed of the engine will make the engine wear out.

Everything that is presented is inversely proportional to the low beat. This is because low beats make mechanical watches much more durable. In addition, low-beat watches are more efficient in energy use, very different from hi-beat watches which are extravagant.

Highly Sensitive Watches

From the time of assembly, mechanical watches require manufacturers to devote a lot of time and precision to the production process. This watch is known to be complicated when compared to other watches. Not only that, but mechanical watches are also popular as the most sensitive watches.

When you wear a mechanical watch, you must also pay attention to environmental conditions. If you are in a place that has high air temperatures, then be prepared for your mechanical watch to experience interference. Humidity and magnetic fields also affect the mechanism.

Routine Care Is Needed

If you are a lazy person, then wear a mechanical watch to accompany your daily life, because this includes maintenance. At least you can use it once a week so that the lubricating oil doesn’t freeze and the gears keep turning. Meanwhile, if you just save it, the quality of this watch will decrease.

However, you are still advised to carry out proper maintenance, be it cleaning or repairing the machine. So, you have to make a special schedule for the mechanical watch that you have. You can maintain this watch at home or at an official service center.

Actually, maintenance of mechanical watches is fairly easy. The treatment performed depends on the material used. For example, a mechanical watch that uses a leather strap must not come into contact with water, while a watch with a bracelet must be kept away from seawater.

For those of you who care for mechanical watches at home, it is advisable to wind them every night. You are prohibited from leaving the watch power empty for days because it will interfere with the machine’s performance. Then clean the watch body using a soft cloth or brush. Never use oil in doing it.

However, if you are unsure about doing this, take your mechanical watch to the nearest service center. Besides being able to clean it in the right way, professional mechanics will also check the performance of your watch movement. Ideally, maintenance is done once every week.

Can Serve Longer Than Your Age

Watch experts say that mechanical watches can be passed on to your descendants after you died. This means that this watch has a high level of resistance and durability, even much longer than your own age. However, this is not without reason. You should take good care of your mechanical watch.

Not all watches with mechanical machines have expensive prices. Today, this classic battery-free technology has been developed and competes well on price. You can also get the cheapest watches using mechanical technology, starting from hundreds of thousands.

After reading a few things about mechanical watches, now you can decide if this watch is right for you. If you feel fit, immediately borrow this watch from a store you trust. Because mechanical watches are known to be unique, it’s best if you buy carefully to avoid scams.

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