New Personal New Year, Choose Mario Teguh’s Resolution Recommendations

The majority of people agree on a new personal new year for the new year. That is, you are designing the most basic resolution to be better next year. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, resolution means a promise made to oneself to start something good and leave bad habits from the first day of the new year.

Resolutions play an important role as the first step to establishing clear goals for the following year. In this case, resolutions are achieved through self-belief, consistency, and hard work. So, even though you went through various sweet and bitter events this year, that doesn’t mean you have to stand in the same place.

New Personal New Year Resolutions

Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that carrying out New Year’s resolutions is not an easy activity. Based on research from Statistical Brain at the University of Scranton, only 8 percent of people succeed in fulfilling resolutions. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be in this category. Actually, all you need is the most rational resolution and motivation.

As a reference, try to understand New Year’s resolutions according to the most popular motivator in Indonesia, namely Mario Teguh. You see, with realistic resolutions, people have a chance of a high success rate. What’s more, with passionate motivation, maybe you are constantly excited to realize the various resolutions that were made at the beginning of the year.

New Personal New Year, Choose Mario Teguh's Resolution Recommendations
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1. Understand that there is no guarantee that someone will be able to become a new person

Maybe, you are among those who make resolutions to become a better person in the new year. However, is there any guarantee that people will become who they expect? Apparently, there is no guarantee that the new year will make someone really become a new person to achieve something better.

A new personal new year will be realized if you create artificial boundaries or boundaries that are not real. With these boundaries, you still have the commitment to go beyond old things to achieve something new. The reason is, the end of the year is a time that people often believe is the right time to leave the past.

For example, welcoming the new year with a different way of thinking, behaving, or responding, leads to better activities. Mario Teguh also said that a person cannot enter a new personality if that person still has an old personality. Therefore, setting boundaries becomes a priority.

2. Begin to Promise Not to be Prejudice Against God, Life, or Other People

It is undeniable that people have gone through various pleasant or sad events in the previous year. You may also go through the same thing the next year. Better yet, let’s promise this year not to be prejudiced against God, life, or other people if faced with various events that don’t meet expectations.

For example, you no longer prioritize suspicion over positive thoughts. If someone doesn’t respond well to your attitude, then first assume that the person has a problem that is difficult to solve. Then, try to act like you’re just a burden to him so he deserves it for now.

New personal New Year really requires positive thoughts and actions. The same thing applies if the people around you are doing activities that undermine expectations, starting from family, friends, or acquaintances at work. In addition, God always gives a good life for his servants. Thus, eliminating various bad prejudices.

3. Patiently Doing Simple Things to Gain Great Success

Rest assured that great success is not achieved through great action, but quite the opposite. People should think that success is like the size of one’s body, where your body can grow to where it is because of a process. For example, you can grow from carrot juice, milk, or past bites of Mother’s porridge.

That is, you eat little by little regularly. Gradually you continue to grow until you have your current body size. So, success in the next year should be built in a structured manner with patience. In the end, patience is the key to sticking to small actions to achieve big successes in the future.

This is not without reason, because people who often take big actions to meet resolution goals tend to find it difficult to maintain these actions over a long period of time. In simple terms, you still need adaptation to carry out activities, especially regarding resolutions that involve only yourself in these activities.

4. Enjoy Means Enjoying Hard Work

The new personal new year must be spent enjoying and not in a hurry. Perhaps, you are right in understanding this. However, the success of a resolution still depends on the definition of enjoy that people understand. The reason is, the wrong understanding plunges a person, especially in achieving long-term resolution goals. So, what is the correct definition of enjoy?

According to Mario Teguh, enjoyment is an activity to enjoy the results of someone’s hard work. In other words, enjoying is a way of enjoying work, especially regarding discipline from time to time. Remember, enjoyment is not free from work or responsibility, then feel anxious because you postpone things that should be done.

Enjoy also has to be done sincerely, even though it tends to be unpleasant for people. For example, seeing a doctor pull out a tooth even if it hurts. In fact, this is a good value so that people do not feel pain in the future. Thus, being a sincere person in doing what has to be done leads people to achieve resolution goals.

5. Keep Acting Positive in Various Difficulties

Have you ever thought about what to do in difficult times? If not, it’s best to start thinking about these actions now. The reason is, life does not only involve pleasant things, but also various sad things that do not match expectations. In this case, you have two choices, keep acting positively or choose to act negatively according to the conditions.

New personal New Year requires only positive activity. Therefore, you must continue to act positively in various conditions. For example, keep smiling when other people insult you, always be patient when you are humiliated, and keep praying for goodness. The reason is, it is more beautiful to act with kindness than to look good to impress others.

Also, don’t forget to celebrate the new year as the first step to leaving your old personality. However, you don’t have to go out during a pandemic but stay at home with fun activities with your family. The reason is, the new year should be the beginning to start a valuable life.

Those are the most realistic resolution recommendations to welcome the new year. Remember, you are you and no one else. So, keep doing what’s best for yourself and those closest to you. The reason is, every year is not an easy period, but people still have to go through it, including with new personal new year resolutions.

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