Often Ignored, Understand Mental Health For The Future

It seems that not everyone understands and is willing to learn about mental health. In fact, health is not only a physical matter but also the mind or soul. In addition, a mental illness that occurs in a person can cause problems in various activities, ranging from affecting social interactions to causing suicidal behavior.

Understand Mental Health for a Better Future

Like physical illness, by paying attention to mental illness, a person can avoid serious risks in the future. Usually, mental illness is often handled by experts, namely psychologists and psychiatrists.

Understand Mental Health For The Future
Understand Mental Health For The Future, img by Daniel Reche

Definition of Mental Health

This means that with inadequate health services, understanding mental health is a priority, both for yourself and those closest to you. In general, mental health is defined as the condition of a person who is free from mental disorders and diseases, both in the form of psychosis (adjustment to the social environment) and neurosis.

So, what affects a person’s mental health?

Actually, mental health is influenced by various events that occur in a person’s life. Meanwhile, unwanted events can leave serious impacts on behavior and personality, such as long-term stress, child abuse, and violence.

Mental Illness Can Affect Anyone

Based on WHO data (2019), around 450 million people suffer from mental illness worldwide. Unfortunately, two-thirds of these people do not receive medical care. This is exacerbated when mental illness can attack anyone, both yourself and those closest to you.

However, women tend to have a higher risk, especially regarding depression and anxiety. In addition, heredity to the twists and turns of life can make a person experience mental illness, both for adults and children. Therefore, caring for mental health can lead to a better future.

The Question Now Is, Do You Have Mental Health?

Now, dive into yourself, are you mentally as healthy as you wish you were? The reason is, a person with a healthy mentality is able to use one’s own potential or abilities to the fullest, both for establishing relationships with other people or facing various challenges in life.

Meanwhile, people who experience mental disorders or illnesses tend to experience mood disorders, poor emotional control, and extremely decreased thinking abilities. The impact is deviant behavior, decreased productivity, unhappiness, to the point of worse wish.

In essence, by understanding mental health, you and the people around you have a better chance in the future. After all, most mental illnesses don’t just get better. That is, by knowing and being alert, you have opened up opportunities to care for mental health, both for yourself and those closest to you.

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