PS5 Features Worth Trying to Play Games

This year is not only synonymous with a pandemic. However, it is also identical to the PlayStation 5 or commonly abbreviated as PS5. This year, Sony informed about the details of the console, including the features of the PS5 which are predicted to be able to beat the PS4. Unfortunately, not everyone can imagine what the console will look like, especially its features and advantages.

PS5 Design More Futuristic

The PS5 design is made to bring modern features that make this console have many advantages. On June 11, at The Future Gaming event to be precise, Sony leaked the futuristic and sleek design of the PS5. However, unfortunately, you have a lot of patience. The reason is, this console will be released at the end of 2020.

Overall, the design of the PS5 is indeed different from the previous console, namely the PS4. This console does not use a disk drive, but a special solid-state drive. The design that looks innovative is also shaped like a tower. Of course, it’s very different from other conventional consoles, which are just black boxes.

The design also features two different colors: sleek black and white with lights in between the two colors. It resembles the previously released DualSense controller. This design includes the design of the console version of the Blu-Ray HD disc drive. Meanwhile, the digital console version has a different design.

The digital version is slimmer in design than the Blu-Ray HD disc drive version. This console can also stand tilted, vertical, or using its position. So, you will find different innovations on PS5. Not only that, but the innovative design also brings a variety of advanced features.

Features Worth Trying

PS5 Features Worth Trying to Play Games
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Sony continues to develop innovative consoles, including the PS5 which will be released at the end of 2020. Sony also creates advanced features supported by compatible specifications. For example, console chips that use AMD chips based on the third generation of Ryzen in their CPUs. So, there will be eight cores of the Zen 2 seven-nanometer microchip.

With the super-sophisticated chip used, you can play 8K gameplay. However, this depends on the TV that the player is using. This time, Sony is also using the AMD Radeon chip as a custom version of the graphics chip. Thus, ray-tracing is further supported to provide clear game audio, including 3D audio.

Another PS5 feature is the SSD which has also been upgraded so players can load lots of games. In addition, the SSD upgrade also supports the display of objects at one time when compared to other HDD-based consoles. SSD also makes the camera and character move quickly and realistically so that lagging can be avoided when playing games.

The two PS5 versions, namely the Blu-Ray HD disc drive console version, and the digital console have the same features and strengths, except for the design and type. They have consoles that support 4K Blu-Rays and 100 GB of storage capacity. Wow, of course, the PS5 will make you more comfortable playing the game when compared to the previous console.

PS5’s epic visuals also spoil players in the future. This is because the PS5 is designed to support 4K (120 Hz) visuals. Note that 120 Hz is twice the refresh rate of a standard TV. Not only that, the specifications that Sony has adopted also carry various other advanced features.

Sony offers 3D audio and effective noise cancellation via the PULSE 3D TM wireless headset. Players can also broadcast themselves using the HD Camera featuring dual 1080p lenses. The remote control is also equipped with an internal microphone as a film service and streaming navigation.

Advantages to be Obtained

Are you confused about the specifications that provide various innovative and sophisticated features? In simple terms, the PS5 features will provide various advantages. By reading the advantages reviewed, you will know that this console feature is indeed worth trying in the future. So, what are the advantages?

1. Fast Loading Time

Do you still remember SSD? Well, it turns out that SSD is hardware that can reduce your console’s loading time. For comparison, the PS5 took 0.8 seconds for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, while the PS4 took 8.10 seconds. This is because there is a lot of bandwidth on the SSD which makes data also retrieved from this hardware.

2. Super Advanced 3D Audio Technology

PS5 is equipped with technology that makes game audio realistic. This technology uses hardware designed with software algorithms so it is called the Tempest 3D Audio Engine. The point is you won’t find audio technology as good as this on previous consoles.

3. PS5 Can Play PS4 Games

You can still play the top 100 PS4 games on your PS5. This is because the PS5 technology is designed to be compatible with the PS4. So, what about the games that were on the PS3, PS2, and the first PlayStation? Until now, Sony has not disclosed this.

4. Not Just an Ordinary Game Console

Who would have thought that the PS5 could be used as a home entertainment system? This time Sony has created a PS5 feature that makes this possible. The console has a 4K Blu-ray player and up to 8K resolution. Try to imagine how it feels to play a game with this high resolution. Surely you don’t want to miss it.

5. Feedback Control is more responsive

The console has replaced traditional vibrations with a haptic feedback controller. The controller that Sony offers can work more responsively so that it can adjust to various game conditions. Adaptive triggers can also be programmed according to the tension level of the game you are playing.

Various Games You Can Play

By using PS5, you can play a variety of fun games. The game will be made with a dynamic, real look and equipped with the best graphics. Games you can play include Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Gran Turismo 7, and others.

You can also enjoy other games. For example, an old game has experienced an increase, both in terms of gameplay and graphic display. You can also have an Xbox Series X game pass for an affordable fee. The reason is, you can access more than 100 games at a low cost.

Sony hasn’t let the PS5 lose a moment from the previous console. Thus, the PS5 is designed with technology that is compatible with the PS4 so that it can still be used to play old games. For example, last-gen console-exclusive games like Horizon Zero Dawn.

In essence, PS5 is a better console than previous consoles. Sony, the Japanese company that produces this console, has yet to decide what date the PS5 will be released at the end of next year. The price of the PS5 is still a question mark for the world community, including Indonesia.

However, many players speculate about the price of this console, which starts at £ 400 per unit. This price does not include additional accessories. Fortunately, this is only speculation. Thus, there is a possibility that Sony will release the PS5 at a much cheaper price, even though it is equipped with sophisticated and innovative PS5 features.

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