Thin Watches That Still Cool

Watch trends continue to evolve according to needs and adapt to the current fashion trends. Various companies compete to design the smallest watch model possible to make their products desirable. Because consumers not only see the technology that is loaded but also the appearance so that it fits when worn.

Thin watches, for example, 2016 began to become a trend and are in great demand even today. Of course, because of the minimalist design that gives a simple and elegant impression. Both men and women can use this clock model, it’s just that the size and posture of the hands are very decisive.

Advantages of Thin Watches

The thin model has both advantages and disadvantages to the watch. The lack may be that the features presented are not comparable to the features on thicker watches. The thin design is the reason the features are also more minimalist. You don’t have to just look at the shortcomings, of course, all watch models have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Lighter

Thin watches weigh less than thicker watches. Elements that do not contain too many components make it lighter. Most thin watches use straps made of leather or nylon or rubber, thus adding to the lighter effect. However, a design like this will be very impressive when seen.

2. Looks Luxurious

The combination of a thin body and a leather or stainless steel strap on the watch gives the wearer an exclusive impression. Shirt suits for men and party dresses for women add value to a luxurious impression. Your appearance will look attractive and luxurious if you wear them together.

3. Simple & Elegant Slim Watches

A simple impression is given because of the thin appearance, of course, making a thin watch doesn’t use too many accessories. You will still look elegant when wearing it even though it carries a simple appearance. The size is proportional to several types of arm sizes, making it attractive. For those who like to dress up with practical and simple thin watches are highly recommended.

Benchmark of Suitable Thin Watch Wearer’s Hand

The thin watch wearer’s wrist benchmark is meant to be because its looks send the message that not everyone will fit. Some people will look cool and luxurious when wearing it, but not necessarily some other people are also suitable. Various types of hands are of course the benchmark for wearing this watch.

1. Proportional Hands

For men and women who have proportional hand sizes, it will be very suitable if their wrists wear watches with thin models. The impression that is displayed will give an elegant impression and will provide a special attraction for those who see it.

2. Fits Small Hands

Thin watches for men with small hands can still be used as fashion, but he must pay attention to the size of the watch body. The diameter of the clock must be considered so as not to make it look odd. This also applies to women with small hands when wearing thin watches.

3. Big and Muscular Hands

Big and muscular hands are certainly owned by most men. They are not very suitable for wearing thin models of watches. If you force it to be used, the impression that is displayed is less masculine and does not make it look elegant. However, men with large and muscular hands can use thicker watch models.

Not infrequently also women who have large hands even though not muscular. Thin watches are also less precise when combined with their wrists. It would be better if this watch was avoided for women with large hands.

List of Cool Thin Watches

For some people, appearance is the most important thing. Looking cooler, elegant, and luxurious is what many people want because it can increase their self-confidence. We will recommend a slim watch that is still cool for you.

Thin Watches that Still Cool
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1. Biden Watch

Slim men’s watch with a round dial. The gold color, which covers almost the majority of the clock, makes a luxurious impression. Men with proportional hand sizes need to try this watch. It will be very suitable for formal events, big parties, and meetings with important people.

An analog model with 3 functional chronographs each is an appropriate element to include. The less visible date feature still adds value to the owner. The price for this luxury waterproof watch is quite affordable when compared to other luxury watches.

2. Fossil Goodwin FS5516

The brand from Fossil is certainly not in doubt. Watches made of the leather strap will be very comfortable to wear. The very simple design looks elegant when Fossil letters are visible. The black color gives a masculine impression, so a thin watch like this is suitable for men only.

3. Alexandre Christie MHLRGSL

Of all Alexandre Christie’s products, the MHL seriesThe RGSL is a very thin classic steel watch. The thickness of this watch is only 6 mm, and the diameter is about 41 mm. The strap is made of quality leather. The quality provided by Alexandre Christie will give you a comfortable feeling on your wrist.

This analog clock has a simple and elegant design, while still providing the standard watch features: water resistance, for consumer convenience. You will get an even cooler fashion look when wearing this watch. You can use it while working, doing visits, reunions, or just hanging out with friends.

4. Bruno Magli Milano 1201 20.181201.RB

Men with small hands will be appropriate to wear this watch. This is because the diameter of the clock for this Bruno Magli product is not too wide for men’s sizes, only 34 mm. Even the thickness is only 8 mm. For men with larger hands, it is not recommended to use it.

Equipped with a quartz machine from Switzerland, and water resistance up to 3 ATMs. The date indicator is also loaded at this hour. The white dial combined with the black roman numerals makes for a clear effect when viewing the time.

5. Alexandre Christie Female Analog Watches 8484 LSLRGBA

Thin watches are also a trend for women. Alexandre Christie presents a special thin model for women. If you look at the color, which is predominantly black, this watch still gives a feminine impression, from the mix of rose gold. As well as a leather strap that is smaller in size, it fits perfectly on a woman’s wrist.

Even though it carries a simple theme, it is still practical. There is no time indicator in the form of numeric or Roman numerals. The dial only has dashes to show the time. Hands showing seconds, minutes, and hours work properly.

6. Aigner Triento A09024

The next product from Aigner with the A09024 series. This series is specially designed for women. The shape of the body which is not too wide gives a girly impression. The leather strap will be comfortable when worn and can also adjust the size of the wrist without having to remove part of the watch.

An Analog clock with a dial display in the form of roman numerals and the letter A which is the symbol of Aigner replaces the position of the number 12. This machine made in Switzerland has equipped with water resistance up to 5 ATMs. We recommend cool displays and technology for you.

7. Stuhrling Original Ascot 42 555A Series 555A-01

Stuhrling made the Ascot 555A-01 series of watches with a slim design. Even though it is not as thin as the Alexandre Christie watch, for a thickness of 10.35 mm it is a thin size. 42 mm in diameter is a large size for a watch but is suitable for men.

The black appearance on the dial and strap makes it more masculine. The strap is made of leather with a width of 22 mm, of course, it will be comfortable when used. The movement is a Swiss-made quartz movement so there is no doubt about it. It features water resistance up to 50 m or 165 feet.

8. Guess W1307G2

This familiar-sounding brand released the W1307G2 series with a thinner model. The 42 mm diameter analog watch has a rose gold stainless steel case. The dial is blue with a sunray finish. The leather strap that has a crocodile pattern really makes it look masculine.

Watch machines made in Japan deserve to be accepted in the market. The Guess W1307G2 watch is a water-resistant watch with a resistance of up to 5 ATM. You can use this watch for various activities, because of its casual appearance.

9. Bonia Rosso BR166-1313

One of the watch products from the Asian continent is Bonia. Bonia is produced in Malaysia and its product marketing is not only in the Asian region. Bonia has penetrated the international world as its target market. The Bonia series that you can wear is the Rosso BR166-1313 series.

Bonia Rosso has a diameter of 4.2 cm with a stainless steel case material. Most thin watches use the analog type and are made of leather. Equipped with a date indicator that you can see if you forget. Do not forget that the water resistance feature really needs to be included in watches. Bonia Rosso BR166-1313 is water resistant up to 3 ATM.

10. Alexandre Christie 2794 LDBRGRG

The last recommendation we give is Alexandre Christie’s product. Again, the product with a thin model makes many audiences amazed. The attractive appearance of the dial with several decorations makes this clock look more lively. The decoration makes a beautiful impression on the watch.

This analog type of Alexandre is almost entirely rose gold in color. This color is appropriate for women. They will look beautiful and elegant in this color. The strap of this watch is made of thin stainless steel.

This wristwatch with a quartz movement is equipped with a date feature above the number 6 pointer, small but still clear. Even though it’s not an outdoor watch, it’s still packed with features water resistant to up to 3 ATMs.

Those are some rows of thin watches that are ready to support your elegant and classy appearance. Even now, wearing thin watches is still a lot of devotees, maybe you are one of them.

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