Tips for Choosing a Child’s Watch That Fits and Fits

A child’s watch is an essential item to help keep track of time and enhance appearance. Almost everyone is seen wearing a watch on their wrist.

I do not know, used in accordance with its main function or just as a fashion only. Even now, various companies also produce watches specifically for children.

The appropriate models and features make children’s watches increasingly in demand. Introducing watches to children is the right moment to make them understand the time as early as possible in this fast-paced era. Of course, there are some tips before buying a watch for your child.

Tips for choosing the best children’s watches

Selection of children’s watches according to their needs. Children tend to be active and like to play. Materials, features, and shapes are one of the factors that must be considered in choosing. For that, consider the tips we provide below.

1. Watch Material

Children’s hands tend to be smaller and more sensitive to their skin. So, metal watch materials are not recommended for them. Wrists that are small and not very strong will feel heavy when wearing metal materials.

Watches specifically for children are mostly made of silicone, rubber, wooden watch, and plastic. This material gives a light feeling when worn. Children will not be too burdened, making it easier for them to move during activities. In addition, silicone, plastic, and rubber materials can be more easily made in variations of models and shapes that are liked by children.

2. Model and shape of the watch

Various models and shapes of children’s watches are increasingly varied. On the watch strap, there is usually a cartoon image, even the favorite superhero. Sometimes there are also some interesting decorations on the rope. The clock body is also made as attractive as possible with a variety of color choices.

However, children’s watches with simple and less flashy models were also produced. Usually, children who have reached the age of 10 years will start choosing models that are not too childish. The desired model is usually simple without pictures and decorations such as robots, babies, and so on but still made of comfortable materials, and features that suit them.

You can choose a watch with an analog model for children who don’t understand time. Because that way, children will learn to recognize the clock manually, starting from the seconds, minutes, and hour hand rather than directly reading the time easily like on a digital clock.

3. Children’s Watch Size

Try to choose a size that fits your wrist size. Don’t be too small or too big. A clock that is too small will make it more difficult to tell the time. They had to look at the clock closer than normal because it was too small. Watches that are too big will also make them uncomfortable when wearing them.

4. Watch Features

Water resistance is a feature that is suitable for children’s watches. Children tend to be active when playing, sometimes they forget that they are wearing a watch. The water-resistant feature needs to be selected. The touch of a light robot on its features also provides its own charm. The watch’s light robot will open its horizons to technology.

In addition, the video call and GPS features that appear on the smartwatch are also suitable for children. You can see and watch them when not with him. Making video calls with a watch is not optimal because of the small screen size, but this can reduce their tendency to use gadgets.

Cheap and Good Children’s Watch Recommendations

After listening to the tips we provide and a little overview for choosing watches that are suitable for children, we will recommend some of these watches for your children. Make sure you choose one that suits their needs and preferences.

Tips for choosing a child's watch that fits and fits
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1. Q&Q Kids Watch VQ96J020Y

This pink children’s watch is intended for girls. The decoration in the form of a simple picture on the rubber strap makes the appearance even more attractive. The diameter of the watch body is about 25mm according to the girl’s wrist. The girly impression is loaded to give a cool look.

The analog model on the dial is perfect for teaching time. Introduce them to the second, minute, and hour hands. Q&Q also equips it with a water resistance feature which helps when doing activities with water.

2. SKMEI Kids Water Resistant 50m, PU Material Strap 1484 ORIGINAL

A sporty style watches especially for children. There are various color options to choose from. For boys, there is a cool black color, and for girls, pink is available to keep it feminine even with a sporty watch face, and several other colors that can be used regardless of gender.

The water resistance feature reaches 50 m which can be used by children for their outdoor activities, even while swimming. It is also equipped with an alarm, calendar, and of course a backlight that will turn on when desired. This type of digital watch is suitable for children who have entered the school level.

3. SKMEI 1376 PU Material Strap Children’s Watch Original

A digital clock with a diameter of 32 mm is suitable for use by children ranging from about 4-6 years old. This watch that is not too thick will look cute on its tiny wrist. The size of the strap can also be adjusted according to the size of the wrist.

Coupled with the car decoration on the outside of the rotating body, the car image on the dial gives a very childish impression but is still cool as a little boy. This will make children interested in wearing watches.

A watch with a combination of black and light blue gives the impression of a color that doesn’t die. Both colors are suitable to explain the owner of the watch is a boy. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, because this clock is sold at a fairly affordable price.

4. SKMEI Digital Funny Vintage Rubber Strap DG1144 ORIGINAL

Children tend to like something colorful, especially girls. This clock can be the right choice for them. The purple color with flower petal decoration on the body of the clock gives a feminine impression. Additional small flower-shaped hangers will make them more interested in wearing.

This SKMEI product watch is a digital watch weighing 100 gr. The strap is made of rubber and can be adjusted according to wrist size. Children will feel comfortable when using it. This clock is priced at a fairly affordable price.

5. Casio Original Rubber Band Children’s Watch CA-53W-1

Casio products are certainly no longer foreign to your ears. Apart from producing watches specifically for adults, Casio also produces watches for children. Watches of this type for example. A different design than usual makes its own uniqueness. The watch body is box-shaped with various button features and their uses. This watch presents several features.

This digital model clock is equipped with an alarm feature that will teach children to remember the time. Day and date features as well as a stopwatch feature that will introduce them to time-measuring devices other than clocks.

Plain black color does not seem too popular with children. However, the features presented will provide their own charm. The addition of light and water resistance is also the reason this clock is recommended. They will love this clock.

6. Casio Digital Children’s Light Blue Rubber Strap LW-200-2B Original

Every child’s preferences are different. Included in choosing a color. Some of them will choose flashy colors, some will choose soft colors. For children who like the color of a light blue soft watch with a combination of silver on the body of the clock, it will make them happy.

The reason is, this digital clock is designed simply. The diameter of only 3 cm fits perfectly on the small wrist. Not only that but this product is also designed with water-resistant technology which makes them not worry about water.

7. SKMEI Kids Monitoring Smartwatch with GPS SOS

Different from before, this watch is a smartwatch or commonly called a smartwatch. Because of the various kinds of sophistication presented. As a parent who wants to keep an eye on your child when you are not with you, this watch is the solution.

The GPS on this watch will make it easier for you to find out where your child is. The remote control will bring you more peace of mind. Usually, children who have entered schools, such as Kindergarten to Elementary School, can wear a clock with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 15 mm.

Children of this age will begin to understand various kinds of technology so they will choose several watches with various features to show off with their friends. This smartwatch is equipped with a remote control, alarm, call reminder, mood tracker, and of course water resistance up to 50 m.

8. SKMEI Original DG1095 Rubber Strap Robot Watch

Again, we recommend the watch product from SKMEI for your son. Some kids will love their watch because it has something they love about it. Like the clock in this series which is shaped like a robot. Children will learn to know the time of the things they like.

Even though this clock only has a few clock elements, some children will be interested in wearing it. This clock weighs only 100 grams, not too heavy for a 3-year-old child. The strap material is also made of rubber which can adjust to their movements. so that will make him comfortable.

Those are some tips for choosing a child’s watch to get to know the time better at an early age. You can also make the recommendations above as a reference to choose from, or do you already have your own choice? You can also take your child to a complete watch shop so they can choose for themselves.

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