Tips on Preparing Yourself to Take the TOEFL Exam

TOEFL ins and outs

For those who require a TOEFL certificate, of course, they have started collecting information about free TOEFL score checks. Currently, a TOEFL certificate is needed for those who are hunting for scholarships both at home and abroad, as well as looking for work. This is because English skills are needed in an increasingly globalized world of academics and work.

Many are starting to prepare for the TOEFL exam, starting by studying sample questions, and also looking for free TOEFL tutorials which are also widely available on the internet. This is all to adjust to academic demands and the world of work which requires scholarship or job applicants to have a TOEFL certificate to check their English skills.

TOEFL EXAM Structure

Tips on Preparing Yourself to Take the TOEFL Exam
Tips on Preparing Yourself to Take the TOEFL Exam by Pixabay

The TOEFL exam itself is like what? It turns out that the TOEFL question is divided into three parts. The first part is Listening Comprehension which is conducted for 35 minutes with three parts in it. The first part is questions with short dialogue, then the second part is a question with long dialogue which usually consists of 4 to 5 questions per conversation, and the last is a monologue. Then the second part is Structure and Written Expression. For 25 minutes. Wow, what is that?

In the Structure and Written expression section, our English grammar skills are being tested, Swifters. In this section, there are only two parts, namely multiple choice, and error analysis. The multiple-choice method is easy, just continuing the sentence or filling in the blanks provided by the questions and then filling in the available answer choices, for part error analysis you will be asked to find which part of the sentence turns out to be not well organized or wrong.

The last part of the TOEFL is Reading Comprehension for 55 minutes, Swifters. This reading itself only consists of one part and one test, usually we will find about four to five readings for every five to six questions for each reading. The reading is not long, we are only asked to be careful and master a lot of vocabulary in this section.

There are two official types of TOEFL exams. Namely TOEFL ITP (Institutional Testing Program) where the exam is held in writing, and TOEFL IBT (Internet Best Test) where the exam uses a computerized scheme. The price for the ITP TOEFL exam ranges from $33 – $40 depending on the institution where you take the exam. While the TOEFL IBT ranges from $165 – $240.

Effective Ways to Study TOEFL

For those of you who are not too familiar with TOEFL or still have relatively minimal skills in English, it would be nice to find an effective way to learn and master the TOEFL material before deciding to take the exam.

Make sure you have studied examples of TOEFL questions from official TOEFL practice books that you can find in book characters, or learn from examples on the internet. Apart from mastering the theory, you also have to frequently practice (practice) the TOEFL exam before the official exam.

Try to practice using TOEFL question sheets, and even more so by using the same estimated time when you are taking the TOEFL exam. This practice or exercise will help you to familiarize yourself with the real conditions when the official exam takes place.

Therefore, make sure you study hard and practice free TOEFL through several online course services on the internet so that you can master good time management during official exams. These exercises will also help you master the exam field, be calmer, and think more clearly when the real exam takes place.

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